Review of CableFree at GITEX Dubai 2019

CableFree at GITEX 2019

Thank you for coming to see us at GITEX Dubai 2019

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and see CableFree: Wireless Excellence at GITEX Dubai 2019 – it was a pleasure to meet!
We enjoyed discussing your Wireless projects and applications for Telecom, ISP, Safe Cities, Smart Cities, Enterprise, Energy and CCTV.
See our video summary from the show here:

CableFree: High Capacity Wireless
The CableFree range includes 4G/5G/LTE,  Millimeter Wave (MMW), AC MIMO Radio, Microwave, FSO and WiFi solutions. CableFree products are widely used in the region for CCTV Security, Government, Defence, Oil&Gas, Cellular Networks, ISP, Broadcast, Education and Disaster Recovery.

Following up from GITEX Dubai 2019:

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Products exhibited at GITEX 2019:

CableFree 4G & 5G LTE

CableFree LTE includes latest-generation High Power LTE-Advanced 4G & 5G Base stations, EPC Infrastructure and indoor & outdoor CPE devices, covering all current LTE bands with high capacity and low costs.  Create private LTE networks.  Upgrade older WiMAX networks to LTE for greater capacity and longer range.  Overlay existing 2G cellular networks with latest LTE technology for data.  Ideal for Mobility, Wireless ISP, Utilities, Emergency Services. Contact our expert team for advice:

CableFree MMW

CableFree Millimeter Wave Links now offer up to 10Gbps and 40Gbps per link aggregate – the highest capacity available in the entire wireless industry.  Choose a 10-Gigabit or 40-Gigabit MMW Network with CableFree:

CableFree Microwave

CableFree Microwave Links offer up to 1Gbps up to 6Gbps per link aggregate – some of the highest available in the wireless industry.  Choose a Full Outdoor (CableFree FOR3) or Split Mount (CableFree HCR) Microwave Solution with CableFree:

CableFree UNITY

CableFree UNITY platform offers wireless links up to 40Gbps capacity, uniquely combines diverse wireless technologies to extend range and all-weather reliability.  Connect further, faster, and with greater reliability and uptime.  Easy to install, fit&forget solutions.  CableFree innovation increases capacity, data rates, and ensures Scalable systems that can extend as you grow. Choose a Multi-Gigabit, Resilient, Self-Healing Network with CableFree: