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CableFree showcased in Welp Magazine:

CableFree: Wireless Excellence has been showcased in Welp Magazine:

CableFree: Wireless Excellence is listed under “101 Market Leading #Mobile Companies and Startups in the UK” by Welp Magazine:

CableFree: Wireless Excellence is listed under "101 Market Leading #Mobile Companies and Startups in the UK" by Welp. 4G & 5G Base Stations

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CableFree 4G & 5G base stations offer industry-leading specifications and flexibility.

CableFree 4G & 5G Base Stations use Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to offer latest in performance including 5G-NSA and 5G-SA networks today.

A wide range of frequency bands and power level options are available in a choice of Macro Site and Small Cell configurations.

Leaders in Wireless Technology

Founded in 1996, CableFree is privately owned with a strong track record of technological innovation and best-of-breed products. The company has customers deployed in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Licensed and Unlicensed Band Support:

In addition to traditional licensed bands from 300MHz up to 6GHz, CableFree offers 5GHz Band 46 LTE Base Station and CPE devices for operation in Unlicensed 5GHz spectrum, enabling smaller operators and private customers to build LTE without requiring access to licensed spectrum.

CPE Devices:

CableFree also offers a wide range of 4G/LTE CPE devices for indoor and outdoor applications, fixed, mobile and nomadic users, buildings and vehicles.

Core Networks:

CableFree offers a complete range of EPC and IP core infrastructure for small, medium and large scale networks.  Our LTE EPC cores are highly scalable, high performance and resilient to ensure highest uptime and availability.  CableFree also offers “Zero-EPC” solutions for smaller and “closed networks”.  IP Core includes 10Gbps core routers and switching

SIM cards:

CableFree offer custom SIM cards to create private LTE networks. These SIM cards can be customer-branded with logos and contact information specific to each operator and customer network.
SIM cards can be provided on a per-project basis.

Backhaul Links:

CableFree Wireless Backhaul links for LTE networks using a flexible mix of MicrowaveMillimeter Wave (MMW)Free Space Optics (FSO) and AC-MIMO radio

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