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CableFree joins Make it British: Supporting UK supply chain for connected and automated mobility

Make it British: Supporting sovereign UK supply chain for connected and automated mobility

£18.5 million is being made available to UK companies in government funding to strengthen the capabilities of the UK’s connected and automated mobility supply chain.


StreetCAV will create a ‘plug-and-play’ roadside connectivity solution enabling self-driving shuttles, robotic and drone-based services to operate safely and securely, maintaining connections wherever they go. With world-class experts and UK-based partners, we will deploy StreetCAV and a new self-driving shuttle service into Milton Keynes, as a blueprint for UK-wide deployment.

The UK’s leading 5G Base Station Vendor/Manufacturer – CableFree: Wireless Excellence are supplying their 5G SmartPole base station radios to the project –  supplying state-of-the-art SmartPole & SmartPod 5G radios with integrated street furniture.


Grant funding: £1.8 million

CableFree 5G SmartPoles used in StreetCAV

The StreetCAV Project:

The StreetCAV project (CAV standing for ‘connected and autonomous vehicles’ which vary from one-seaters up to vehicles similar in size to a bus) will install the connectivity and other infrastructure necessary for self-driving shuttles that seat multiple passengers, as well as robotic and drone-based services to operate safely. The City Council has teamed up with Smart City Consultancy and other partners to deliver the scheme, which will be used to trial the technology before consideration is given to rolling it out across the country.

Leader of MK City Council, Cllr Pete Marland said: “Milton Keynes really is the home of innovation and we’re committed to exploring new forms of sustainable transport so local people can benefit, as well as helping other cities around the world learn how to be greener places to live and work. Demand-responsive, autonomous vehicles can help to reduce congestion, and create a cleaner environment so it’s a really exciting trial to lead on. Additionally, attracting global organisations to test these ideas in Milton Keynes also provides potential for new high-tech, high-skill jobs.”

CableFree 5G SmartPoles: Base Station Infrastructure

CableFree radios are well suited to V-RAN as well as OpenRAN applications:
CableFree SmartPoles are integrated street furniture with support for 4G, 5G-SA and 5G-NSA, integrating the full radio and antennas into a slender, ruggedised, aesthetically designed form factor for modern city infrastructure.

CableFree 5G SmartPole: To be deployed in StreetCAV project
CableFree 5G SmartPole: To be deployed in the StreetCAV project

CableFree 4G and 5G radios are available in a wide range of frequency bands from 400MHz up to 6GHz, FDD and TDD, including all MNO and Private Network / Shared Access bands, a choice of 2×2 or 4×4 MIMO and a choice of power levels.
Radio parameters can be optimised for IoT environments which vary in capacity and coverage requirements.

CableFree offers SmartPole, SmartPod, Macro and Small Cell solutions for 5G. Please contact CableFree for more information on 5G used specifically in IoT, Sensing and Imaging Applications:

CableFree: Wireless Excellence on show at Small Cells World Summit 2023
Standard version of CableFree 5G Outdoor Small Cell

For More Information on CableFree 5G:

CableFree: Wireless Excellence is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of 5G Base Stations:
CableFree offers a complete range of Wireless Communication products including advanced 4G & 5G LTE Macro & Small Cell Base Stations for ultra high performance & flexibility. The company also offers Microwave, Millimeter Wave, Free Space Optics and MIMO Radio backhaul solutions. Based in Oxford, UK, CableFree is deployed in over 80 countries since 1996 with customers including Mobile Operators, Internet Service Providers, Government Networks, Industrial and Corporate connectivity applications.

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