Custom SIM cards for 4G LTE Networks

CableFree SIM card for LTE

Choose a Custom Card design for your 4G LTE Network

Custom SIM cards are available for operators using CableFree LTE equipment.  SIM cards can be customised with operator branding and specific information.  A compatible card is required in all LTE networks to enable the User Equipment (UE), CPE device to connect to the LTE network.  For Private LTE networks, the SIM cards are programmed with suitable data to enable access just by relevant devices and users.

CableFree Custom SIM cards

CableFree SIM card for LTE
CableFree card for LTE

Customisable Branding for SIM cards

The Front and Rear of the cards are customisable with branding and user instructions.
The IMSI number and any other required customer/user-specific identifiers can be printed on the card also.  Shown above is a unique IMSI number.

CableFree SIM card for LTE

Operator Specific Card Data

The various data stored on the card include the IMSI, Ki and OPc which are required to connect the device to the LTE Network.  These are specific to each LTE network and are specified by the Network Operator.

Privacy and Roaming

SIM cards provided by CableFree are typically dedicated to work just to the user network where roaming on/off the network is deliberately not supported. This is because the customer networks are often “closed” in nature and there is no support for billing of users who roam into the network.

Physical Sizes

SIM cards have been made smaller over the years; functionality is independent of format. Full-size cards were followed by mini-, micro-, and nano- sized cards. Cards are also made to be embedded in devices.
For most Outdoor, Desktop and MiFi LTE CPE devices, mini-SIM (2FF) is most popular.  In the samples above, the 2FF format can be “snapped out” by the user when installing. Optionally, smaller outline SIMs are available.  Mini-(or 2FF), Micro-(or 3FF), Nano-(or 4FF)

Available and Shipping

CableFree Custom cards are available in small and large volumes, on short leadtimes.

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